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Krystal Hope Ltd

Providing domiciliary care services, supporting individuals living in their own homes by assisting and improving the quality of their lives while maintaining their independence and personal choices.


About Us

Who We Are

We provide domiciliary care services to individuals in the community, enabling them
to live as independently as possible by providing Care and support within their home
environment, throughout West Yorkshire.

Nature of the care services provided

A member of our team will gratefully arrange a meeting to discuss your care needs. The objective of the meeting is to inform our clients of our range of care services before we begin.
Who We Are

We Give You Satisfaction & Peace Of Mind

We have a vastly experienced and culturally diverse workforce of carers and professionals, trained and skilled to reflect the diversity in background and needs of our clients. Our care and support are personalised to the needs of our clients’ cultural and ethnic; religious; and gender requirements.

The sole criterion for accepting a service user is our ability to provide for the care needs assessed.

    Mary, 78, Wakefield
    Mary, 78, Wakefield

    "After a fall left me hesitant to live alone, Krystal Hope became my lifesaver. Their kind and attentive caregivers, like my dear friend Lisa, not only help with daily tasks, but also bring laughter and companionship back into my home. I feel safe, independent, and most importantly, valued. Thank you, Krystal Hope, for showing me that aging gracefully is truly possible."

       John, 42, Colchester
      John, 42, Colchester

      "As a busy professional with an elderly mother, finding the right care felt like an impossible task. Krystal Hope, with their amazing team like Sarah, exceeded all my expectations. Their flexible scheduling and personalized care plan ensure my mom receives the support she needs, while I can focus on work knowing she's in good hands. They've brought peace of mind to our entire family."

        Sarah, 55, Braintree
        Sarah, 55, Braintree

        "Recovering from surgery at home seemed daunting, but Krystal Hope's compassionate team, especially David, made it a breeze. Their medical expertise and genuine care helped me regain my strength and confidence. More than just nurses, they were cheerleaders, motivating me every step of the way. Thanks to them, I'm back to enjoying my garden and feeling stronger than ever."

          Anne, 62, Southend-on-Sea
          Anne, 62, Southend-on-Sea

          "Losing my husband was devastating, and the thought of facing life alone terrified me. Krystal Hope's understanding caregivers, like the kind Emily, became my rock. They provided not just practical assistance but also emotional support, listening with patience and offering a comforting presence. They helped me navigate grief and rediscover the joy of living, for which I'll be forever grateful."

            David, 34, Harlow
            David, 34, Harlow

            "Living with a disability can be isolating, but Krystal Hope's inclusive approach, championed by the ever-optimistic Michael, changed everything. Their focus on my abilities, not limitations, empowered me to live independently. Their accessible services and cheerful demeanour make them more than just caregivers; they're friends who celebrate my achievements and support my dreams. With Krystal Hope by my side, I feel like I can conquer anything."

            Our Service

            What Service We Offer

            We will promote choices and independence to our clients by working in a person-centred way. 

            Independent Supported living

            We provide supported living placements for young people aged 16 and over. We endeavour to provide a therapeutic environment. 

            Quality Domiciliary care

            We offer choice to our clients, from single home visits to 24-hour live-in care services. 

            Why Choose Us

            We offer a professional and trustworthy service.

            We will promote choices and independence amongst our service users by working in a person centred way.

            Get In Touch With us

            Our dedicated team of caregivers is passionate about promoting independence and dignity. We understand that every person’s needs are unique, and we take the time to craft personalized care plans that respect your preferences and ensure you receive the precise level of support you deserve.

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            Each month, we’ll deliver a dose of inspiration and helpful tips straight to your inbox, covering topics like healthy aging, home safety, community resources, and much more. Plus, be the first to know about exclusive offers and events!

            We provide excellent options to our patients by providing personalised care which promotes independence.


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